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Par-ky Sound Shade Card

Category: Venereed Wood



A wide choice in top quality wood species

Are you looking for something special? Exclusive wood species sit at the origin of our SOUND collection. These exclusive wood species are often unstable and rather expensive as solid flooring. Because of the unique composition of PAR-KY floors, we are able to offer affordable quality flooring. Veneer flooring indeed only has a thin top layer of wood, so even exotic wood species are now available at attractive prices.

Elegant, long boards and a ‘solid’ sound
Whether you choose for a brushed or sealed finish, the long and small boards combined with the bevel give your interior a luxurious feeling. Moreover, the sealed finish provides extra protection for intensive use. Due to the thick cork backing you sense a ‘solid’ sound while walking on the floor. The feeling and sound are comparable with a classical, fully glued down wooden floor.

Our SOUND+ collection makes a floor in an exclusive wood species surprisingly affordable. Par-ky features a thin top layer of wood so we can offer a quality floor in a wood specie that you would normally only find in the higher price categories. So if you want a floor with an exotic touch, you no longer need to purchase an expensive solid parquet. All SOUND+ floors have a cork layer that creates a solid step sound.

Dimensions: 1800 x 124 x 12 mm ( 71 x 4 7/8 x 15/32 inch)

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